A high-quality desk with partitions can make office workers feel more comfortable and motivated at work, which in turn can improve their office productivity. And poor-quality desks can easily bring them negative emotions and indirectly affect their mood at work. Therefore, if a company wants to provide employees with high-quality facilities, it must first choose a good office desk. So, how to choose a office desk with office partitions?

Step 1: Measure the area of ​​the office

T-position, F-position, cross-position and one-character  desks with office partitions/office panels have different shapes, different seats, and different space occupied. Before purchasing, you should measure the size of the office in advance, and then determine the size, specification and quantity of the desk according to the number of employees.

Step 2: Determine the connection method

You can assemble the office partitions freely, that is to say, You can select the connection method according to actual needs. For example, the one-word screen table, there are 2-bit, 4-bit and 6-bit, which can connect to each other according to the actual number of needs.

Step 3: Choose the right material

Whether it is a desk with a partition or a desk without a partition, the materials are different, and the cost, follow-up management methods and user experience are different. When choosing materials, you should consider both the decoration style and budget of the office, and choose both affordable and well-matched ones.

Advantages of office desks with office partitions


  1. Good decoration, very rich in styles and colors, and many choices. You can choose the types and specifications according to the actual office decoration effect.
  2. Conducive to the centralized office of employees. We can organize office partitions and office desks in groups. A group of desks can sit on multiple employees, and seats can be divided according to the size of the space and the department where the employees are located, which is beneficial for the centralized management of employees.


  1. The personal work space of employees is cut off by screens, which is not easily affected by the external environment, which is conducive to improving the work efficiency of employees.


  1. It is beneficial to protect the privacy of employees. The screen allows employees to have their own cubicles, which plays a great role in protecting the privacy of employees.


  1. In addition, in addition to having a more reasonable wiring function, the screen-type desk has obvious attraction and sound insulation effects.

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