After finishing the office decoration, it entered the link of purchasing furniture. When enterprises purchase furniture, they often have two ideas. One is to choose the cheap one and use it as soon as possible; the other is to only buy expensive furniture which is good-looking. As a result, employees are not very comfortable with it. After finishing the decoration project, we will generally give some suggestions for the purchase of furniture. Here, I will sort out these suggestions for you to have a simple look, so as to avoid doing thankless things.

1、 Practical oriented

The most important role of office furniture is to meet the office needs of employees. Some furniture with high aesthetic degree has almost no practicability. For example, the design of seats does not conform to human body mechanics. Sitting for a long time will cause occupational diseases. The seat with soft cushion and low back is the first choice. At our suggestion, after a company replaced all the seats, the employees complained less about low back pain.

2、 Thrifty and industrious, extravagant

The office furniture in the market is updated and iterated rapidly. Every customer likes modern furniture. However, enterprises and families are different, so they can’t purchase arbitrarily according to their personal preferences. If a large enterprise doesn’t have the tradition of cutting expenditure and squandering, the result will be like a well-known shared bicycle, struggling on the edge of life and death.

3、 The combination is easy to disassemble

Now the more popular combination of furniture, unified in style, and complete in function, to avoid the discordance of single purchase. Compared with the one-time installation of office furniture before, easy to disassemble furniture has gradually become the mainstream. When the enterprise grows stronger and needs to replace a new office, it will continue to be used after being disassembled and assembled in a new site.

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