The future vancouver office furniture depends on the future market environment. It must take humanization as the premise, cooperate with the demand of office automation and the concept of virtual workstation, and combine with information network to become the mode development of personal workstation.

  1. Systematization

In the future, office furniture products must be designed in a systematic framework, so that it is no longer a single form and single function product. Only in this way can we cope with the characteristics of the changeable post information age and the era of knowledge economy. The systematic design concept also makes the designer flexible and individual in space planning. It can also highlight the characteristics of corporate image and work needs.

  1. Digitization

With the popularization of network and the development of information, home audio-visual industry has become a new wave of technology mainstream. The design of office furniture also needs to meet the needs of the network world, fully consider the application of wireless network in furniture, make it fit with information products, become the carrier of information products, so as to have office functions such as network browsing, information transmission and ubiquitous communication.

  1. Motorization

The future office is no longer just a fixed form of planning. With the rapid development of enterprise globalization, the flexibility of enterprise organization is increasing. The design of office furniture must achieve the function of flexible adjustment, so that it can be expanded or reduced according to the change of organization function and business function, and the file cabinet can be moved and combined to quickly adjust the space form.

  1. Personalization

The proportion of working at home and starting a business is higher and higher, and there are more and more office forms for new technology and network upstarts. The accumulation of personal wealth makes the consumption concept improve rapidly, so it is more personalized and taste. The design of office furniture, therefore, needs to consider some personal style taste and exquisite design, rather than just suitable for most people to use ordinary goods.

  1. Integration

In the future office furniture design, we should not only consider the single form or function, but also consider the integrated design between products. It maximizes the sharing performance between components to meet the use of more space functions and the psychological needs of workers. Therefore, the overall office is more harmonious and beautiful, and the office environment is improved.

  1. Environmental protection

Environmental protection consciousness will be higher in the future; green design will become an important design goal of office furniture in the future. Therefore, the application of furniture materials and structural design should be considered to meet the design requirements of reduction, recycling, recycling and reuse. Aluminum alloy materials, engineering plastics and recycled materials will become the trend in product design.

  1. Simplification

Returning to the origin of human nature, market minimalism will prevail in the future. In the design of product appearance, simple lines will replace complex and diverse designs. In the past, the multi-functional product design features are not in line with human nature because of the complexity of operation, and will gradually return to simpler operation and functional design.

  1. Science and technology

Under the leadership of high-tech, the furniture is generally popular with cold fog silver paint or aluminum alloy anode treatment. Composite material and j medium hole steel plate will also be widely used in product design to highlight the sense of modernity, technology and future. In the trend of science and technology, the function of products is paid more attention, and the speed of product innovation will be faster.

  1. Liveliness

The change of work form and knowledge work will become an important factor in office design. The style of space will be more diversified, and the furniture design will be more relaxed and lively. Under the framework of standard furniture module, the optional equipment with both leisure and office functions becomes the creative source of space decoration style.

1 O. colorization

Office from a single color to multi color combination, so that the office space in the rational more emotional atmosphere, but also increased the diversity of furniture expression, office space more dynamic and enthusiastic.

Office furniture is closely related to the development of society and the working form. With the rapid development of science and technology, the traditional office furniture is more and more unsuitable for the new office environment

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