Decorating offices and buying office furniture is a major problem. For this kind of hard spending, budget is very important because many companies are not willing to spend too much money on this fixed asset.

The price of office furniture is affected by various factors, and the price is different. According to the material, quality, workmanship, function and other aspects of office furniture, its price is not the same. It’s the buyer’s consistent style to make a good budget in advance and select the corresponding goods within the range of affordable price.

With the budget standard, the next is the need to determine the overall decoration style of the office. Then we can find the corresponding office furniture manufacturers to make a plan and find the quotation.

How much does it cost to customize office furniture in vancouver? What are the types of customized office furniture ?

You can view the following list of factors that affect the total cost of Office Furniture Customization:

  1. Raw materials, materials and environmental protection grade of office furniture.

For example: large class platform, chair, there are solid wood, leather, steel. Among them, the price of solid wood is relatively high, because of the continuous reduction of forest resources, the more precious the material is, the higher the price is.

  1. The value of modeling technology of office furniture.

The price of different modeling design is also very different. Different designers have different design concepts and create different value works. The more complex the modeling process, the more expensive the price, such as carving, carving, etc. Relatively affordable is the fashionable and simple style of panel office furniture.

  1. Statistics of the number of staff.

For each additional employee, an office space should be added accordingly. The cost will also increase. Therefore, the number of office staff needs to be planned and counted in advance.

  1. File cabinet, side cabinet, storage cabinet, quantity and style.

Quantity, size, single door, double door, or multi door will affect the price, so there is a big price difference and there is no definite value.

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