Have you been searching for the perfect office chair, but maybe you ‘re confused with all the different options available, cause there are so many chairs in Amazon, Ebay and even the largest office shops , The process of finding a new office chair isn’t always easy cause there are countless chairs and so many price points to consider. So, how do you know you’re getting the right chair for your needs? Weiss Furniture will give you 6 pretty good ideas of how to look for and what to avoid.

1.Seat Height , Width and Depth

The first things you must consider when you are looking for the good office chair is Seat Height , Width and Depth, making sure the office chair fits you properly is what the most important thing that you have to consider , for the seat height, Width and Depth you need to make sure your office chair fits you properly.

2.Seat Comfort

This was the most important things to consider when shopping for your office chair if you see that too soft , it has too much pillow padding might create issues for your back making uncomfortable to sit for long hours, General cushions are sponge cushions, but in recent years the cushion material has developed to the cloth, because the sponge sitting will be very stuffy, especially in the summer. If the cushion is the net cloth, breath ability will be much better, winter, then, may add a pad according to personal needs.

3.Back Comfort

Something that you know from your previous sitting experience in other office chair that you may have used back support and understanding what type of back support you need and what to look for. Except that Because the person’s back can not be straight, so the correct sitting position should be a radian, backrest is s type can give the waist a support of strength, so sitting will not be very tired.

4.Armrest Comfort

Ergonomic chairs all have armrests, different armrests have different looks and functions, some can only be adjusted left and right, some can also be raised and lowered, and most importantly, when you put your hand on the armrest, see if it feels comfortable and find the best position for you.

5.Gas Lift Safety

The quality of the Gas lift should be also important, it must have a safety certification. Because there have been incidents of office chair explosions before, most of them are due to the quality of the air pressure rod, will harm the user. Although there is no safety certification will not necessarily explode, but its also important thing that you need to pay attention to.

In a word , About our Weiss office furniture, we are always thought, high-quality office chairs need to make full use of ergonomics principles, we are in the head cushion, chair back, seat, seat cushion, armrest and other core components of the design of human elements, fully meet the physiological needs of the human body in the process of office chair use, and with free adjustment function, comfort up to 95% , from the root cause to get rid of fatigue, improve customer’s comfort feelings.

Hope this is helpful for you , if you want to know more details you can follow Weiss Furniture: www.iweiss.ca.


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