Whether you’re working from home or in an office, it is important to have a desk that suits your needs, but with so many options available, how do you check the desk that is right for you and your budget, the Weiss office furniture will help you to find some good ways, before you are able to choose the right office desk you need to figure out how it will be used. For example, desks for home use with limited space should be smaller than office desks where there is a lot of room to work with.


The first thing you should consider when choosing a desk is what kinds of size, style and configuration you need, Typically you would have a rectangular desk,  the Most Common Desk type is is straight and rectangular 72 inches by 30 inches deep or 24 inches, this is most common size, but you can also choose 5 feet long desks , these are a good medium size, or 4 foot long desks , this is pretty small, it depends your work space.


There are have so many famous office furniture brand that you can check from online such as ikea desk, Herman Miller desk and Steelcase desk, generally speaking there are two common styles:

The first one is L-Shaped Desk this is a regular desk return surface allows for more Desk Space, the size is usually 6 feet by 6 feet, the second style is U – shape desk, the large U shape allows for maximum desk Surface, great for large amounts of paper work on your desk.

3.Desk Surface

The surface contributes to the durability and feel of the desk while working. Here are 3 of the most common desk surfaces:


Timber based desks and tables, or ‘timber veneer’ can be very attractive. Solid wood tables are the best choice if you want long-term durability.


These tables don’t always provide a professional look that’s suitable for executive offices. The excellent durability means metal office desks are perfect if you need to place heavy items on them.


This is a plastic laminate finish with a particle board or MDF substrate. Its also an affordable choice that offers the best durability and a good choice of colors and finishes.

4.Height Adjustable

The next situation you need to consider is height adjustable ,there are lots of height adjustable Options from Different Manufacturers, Uaually around 720mm to 750mm is more than enough for the average office worker in terms of desk height. The leg clearance means employees can sit comfortably without having to bend their legs awkwardly.

5.Desks Panel and Storage Options

Another things you need to consider for your office desk is whether you need panel, the panel is in the front of a desk , you can get most panels in half height or full Height, its purpose is to Increase below desk privacy. For the pedestal store, this is two box drawers and a file drawer or two file drawers, lateral file:two file drawers the other option is overhead hutch these can either be desk mounted or or wall mounted.

More additional consideration such as : colors, price and material safety , if you want to choose the best office chair you can come our weiss furniture, Weiss office furniture is a good office furniture company in vancouver,we also also have all kinds options for office chairs,office sofas and office desks, both are good options for you , more details for your office furniture you can visit our previously articles.

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