When we mentioned about office furniture in Great Vancouver, the office sofa is the most common one. It generally exists in enterprises, for example, in the office, in the reception room, in the reception room, etc.  because to receive different customers and to negotiate some business negotiations, so in the manager’s office the boss’s office is necessary to exist, the office sofa is a strong performance, and sitting on very comfortable office furniture, it used to receive customers is the only choice. But its hard to choose cause so many types in office furniture market, today Weiss office furniture will give you some good suggestions to help you choose the better office sofa.

1.The office sofa should be coordinated with the decoration style

When choosing an office sofa, we should consider the overall decoration style of the office. The decoration style of the office belongs to the style of simple fashion. Then the office sofa must cater to the simple fashion, the style and color of the office sofa must be harmonious with the main tone of the environment that the office decorates.

2.Theofficesofa should be the right size for the office space

When you are choosing a sofa, you should first know the size of your office space, and then choose the appropriate size of the office sofa. Remember not to space is too small, the sofa is too big, or people will be very depressed, you can also consider it will be used for how many people, if the space is enough , you can choose dual sofa and more seats.

3.Consideringthe weight and resilience of theoffice sofa

The weight-bearing force has a lot to do with the frame of sofa. The traditional frame of sofa only uses spring. Although the spring has good resilience, it is easy to be deformed or collapse. The sofa that bounces force is better is to use spring commonly and ligneous frame, bandage combines, such sofa cushion is not easy deformation. And it’s very convenient to transport office furniture.Nowadays, at the office furniture in the great Vancouver market underside of high-grade sofa seat and back adopts nylon tape and snake spring cross-weave structure, which is layered with high elastic foam, glue-sprayed cotton and light-body foam. This cushion bounces well and is comfortable to sit on. Mid-range sofa to glue pressure fiberboard for the seat and back of the base, the top layer of matting medium-density foam and spray rubber. This kind of cushion sits the feeling is partial hard, the resilience is slightly bad.

4.Look at the fabric and sewof office sofa

4.1 Leather Sofa

When choosing a leather sofa, choose leather. Leather sofa is divided into full-leather sofa and half-leather sofa, each full-leather sofa to consume the equivalent of 10 cattle hide, high value, good air permeability and environmental protection, Europe and the United States and other developed countries generally use full-leather sofa. The half-leather sofa is made of Pu leather or artificial leather PVC instead of cow leather at the back, bottom and other hidden parts of the sofa, but the parts directly touched by human body are still cow leather with high value, thus reducing the cost of the sofa, it’s more economical. Sofa with leather is divided into cattle skin and buffalo skin, according to the number of layers is divided into the scalp, two layers of skin and three layers of skin, according to the origin of divided into domestic leather and imported leather. The quality of imported leather from Italy and Germany is the best, which meets the strict environmental requirements, with high color fastness, good elasticity and air permeability, and high mechanical strength, especially high tear strength and tensile strength. Quality straight leather sofa selection must be the first layer of yellow raw leather.

When buying a leather sofa, the leather surface should be rich and lustrous, without scar, the texture and texture of the skin should be fine. If you pinch a spot with the tip of your finger and pull it upward, it should feel flexible and powerful. After sitting, wrinkles can disappear or not be obvious, this leather is good leather.

4.2 Fabric Sofa

When choosing fabric sofa should notice, the seat of sofa, back set is appropriate for looper structure, high-grade cloth art sofa has cotton cloth lining commonly, other easily soiled part should be changed and washed. Sofa fabric should be thicker, its grams of weight in more than 300 grams/square meters more durable, and the eye must ensure wipe more than 12,000 times surface not pilling. Sofa fabrics can be divided into domestic and imported, Europe and the United States specialized manufacturers to produce sofa special fabrics of excellent quality, color difference is extremely small, color fastness is high, fabric non-weft slant, especially some high-grade fabrics to improve anti-fouling ability, the surface has also been specially treated. Imported high-grade fabric also has anti-static, flame retardant and other functions. Buy cloth sofa to choose fabric warp and weft fine smooth, no jump wire, no exposed joints, feel strong. Sewing depends on whether the stitching is even and straight, both hands on the joint to see if it is tight, whether the edge of the tooth is round and plump.

5. Look at the wrappingof office chair

Wrapping cloth to see whether the fabric tightly cling to the inner filler, is not flat, especially the two handrails and seat, back joint to the transition of natural, no frills. If it is a circular and semi-circular handrail, to see whether the arc is smooth, plump and beautiful. The fabric of flower winter case or check pattern wants to see whether tie-in place flower shape is consistent, whether square is horizontal and vertical, do not have slant or twist. Finally sit down to try, feel the seat, back inclination or seat above the arc is with the waist, back, hips and legs bend four parts fit; pillow with the height of the back is appropriate, whether the armrest height with the natural extension of both arms at the same time; whether the feeling of sitting comfortable, standing up freely. Stand up and then look at the hips, back and armrest of the fabric is not apparent to relax the eyes for a long time can not recover the pleat.

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