Shopping for office chairs,  you may notice that there are variety of options to choose from such as a fully upholstered chair, a chair that’s full mesh a chair that has a fabric seat and a mesh back or even a plastic back option, now with mesh chairs being so popular, there are three things you must consider before purchasing a mesh office chair.

1.Sitting experience

An open mesh chair can offer you with a much cooler sitting experience because there’s more air flow through the mesh compared to an upholstered now if you tend to be more sweaty or on the hotter side when you are sitting an open mesh chair could be a great option for you while an open mesh chair that offers a cooler experience may seem like a positive, some people may disagree if you’re someone who tends to always be cold this may not be the best option for you. If you are looking for a warmer chair we suggest something that has fabric or leather the quality of mesh is going to be another thing you want to consider when shopping for an office chair , you will want a mesh that is strong but is also soft so that it is comfortable, higher quality mesh will have soft fibers that are interwoven into the mesh so that is soft on the skin , higher quality mesh will also have more elasticity so that it will return to the shape that it was originally you do not want a chair that has mesh will not return to its original shape because it will end up being saggy and unsupportive , lower quality mesh can sometimes have good elasticity but lack the soft fibers that make the mesh comfortable when it lacks these soft fibers the mesh can become abrasive to your skin and even your clothing , some lower quality mesh is made of these softer materials but lacks that elasticity which can make the mesh less supportive and not hold its shape

2.Padded Seats VS Open Mesh Seats

Less supportive and not hold its shape office chairs typically have two different types of seats an open mesh pulled over a frame or a padded seat that is upholstered with a fabric vinyl or leather, a padded seat is going to have more of a traditional chair feel you can have the added benefit of having an upholstered with an open mesh backrest now a padded seat will help you avoid sitting against an uncomfortable frame open mesh seats create the feeling of floating like you are gently sitting a top the chair although you may feel like you are floating  the mesh seat can typically feel firmer compared to a padded chair, the biggest complaint with open mesh seats is going to be the exposed frame since the mesh is pulled over the frame since the mesh is pulled over the frame there isn’t much of a buffer between you and the seat frame , you will most likely feel the frame with an open mesh chair

3.Back Height

Before you buy a high back mesh chair it is important to know what a high back chair is there are two different types of high back chairs, the first design is going to be a chair that supports your entire back your neck and your head, the backrest of this chair usually measures between 20 to 32 inches or more from the seat, the second design is a higher back that supports your mid to upper back but not your neck or your head, these backrests typically measure around 24 inches tall from the seat through our research we have found that there aren’t many high back chairs that offer support for your neck and your head without adding a head rest if you are looking for a chair that supports your back neck and your head we suggest finding a high back chair that has a headrest option such as the cxo chairs, ikea chairs and the ergo human, there are many types of mesh office chairs that range in style price and function all of these chairs have different purposes so it is crucial to know whats the most important to you when you’re shopping for a new office chair.

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