Under the continuous influence of the epidemic, the subversion of the office furniture industry in 2021 will continue. Building technology and smart networks have enabled people to work from home during the epidemic, and even global communications can be instant messaging. In the post-epidemic era, people have begun to return to the office, and more and more companies are paying more and more attention to the office environment and office furniture.

Diversified and open office spaces are still welcomed by employees, and modern corporate workers who pursue high quality have higher requirements for the details and quality of office furniture. Under such demand, office furniture will become more and more environmentally friendly, healthy, intelligent, dynamic and flexible. Its core purpose is to maximize the value of space and better empower employees to work.

  1. Health trends.

The increase in work intensity has caused many office workers to be exhausted and frequently have sub-health conditions, affecting the health and work efficiency of modern people. Under the influence of the epidemic, healthy furniture design concepts have become an important direction for future office furniture design. Some healthy ways of working are welcome. For example, elevating workbenches can allow office workers to use standing office methods from time to time to ensure the health of office workers. Now there are more and more users.

2, technology trends.

Technology has brought many unexpected functions to office products, improving work efficiency and giving people a new furniture experience. In the new office mode, the design of office furniture should also grasp the trend of modern technology. At present, the more common smart office furniture includes wireless charging, sedentary reminder, lifting and other functions, and office furniture that combines smart meetings, smart writing systems, and smart appointments are also common. And the office furniture incorporating the contactless concept will become the representative of the future intelligent trend.

  1. Fun trend.

Nowadays, office furniture not only needs practical functions, but also needs to consider aspects such as appearance, experience, feeling, etc., and the fun-filled office, furniture design can keep office life fresh and creative, which has become a major trend. Drawing inspiration from natural animal and plant shapes, close to nature colors, etc. can increase the vitality and fun of the office

4, the modular trend.

For offices, flexible modular office furniture allows quick modification or expansion of the office environment at any time, and can be transformed into various combinations or shapes to achieve applications tailored to local conditions. For example, modern screen office furniture is more flexible and can be freely combined with different office forms. Such as one-line, cross, etc. to meet the needs of various companies. Modular office sofas have more extensive application scenarios and are more popular with users.

5, functional trends

As people use space more rationally, rationally apply limited office space, let office furniture function beyond space limitations, and realize the integration of multiple functions, this type of office furniture has attracted more and more attention.


In today’s rapidly changing science and technology, the uncertainties of the epidemic will continue to affect the future office model. In any case, office furniture will innovate and develop towards more emphasis on design, human nature, technology, etc.


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