If a person has become accustomed to the sudden change of straight desks to desk screen workstations, he will feel that the entire office space has changed, as if he has arrived in a new office. In fact, this is because the office partition screen in the office can effectively divide the space and provide a place to work independently, so he will feel the environment change. This is the characteristic of the screen work station. Today’s employees pay attention to privacy, so office screens can effectively improve work efficiency. Of course, when designing an office screen, the following three aspects should be paid attention to:


Color matching The office space is a part of the entire office environment, and the color should be coordinated with the basic parts of the office.


The portrayal of the image is not load-bearing, so there is a lot of freedom in modeling. The design should pay attention to changes in height, length and true and false.


Material selection and processing According to the above two principles, we can carefully select and process materials to achieve good image characterization and beautiful colors. In particular, the office partition is a non-functional component, so the decoration effect of the material can be put in the first place.

Based on the above basic principles, we can design office screens according to the company’s industry positioning. Generally speaking, once the general style of the office is determined, the office desk screen should be selected accordingly. However, sometimes a different style can be used to good effect. Generally, complex office screen styles are used when the overall style is simple.

A desk with a screen panel becomes a screen workplace. Why do many companies choose desk screen workplaces instead of original desks?

1. It can distinguish functional spaces more quickly and effectively

In the office space of the LOFT office building, the company needs to divide the staff office area, management office area, conference room, leisure area, etc. into a general space. To be more efficient and save time, the screen work position is the best choice. Because of the function of the screen baffle, it can not only distinguish different areas, but also separate the unit work space to form an orderly space pattern.

2. The privacy of the desk screen is very good

It is very important to have a quiet environment at work. Not having independence and privacy sucks if you use a straight table to arrange them together, just like in a meeting, a screen table provides absolute privacy. The office environment allows employees to work and think with peace of mind.


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