Today’s office furniture industry has changed the traditional way of marketing. The situation of solid wood furniture “dominating the world” is broken by various colorful plate office furniture. The rigid and simple styles no longer exist, replaced by simple, stylish, modern and other different styles. Glass, metal, and fabrics have begun to be widely used, making Shenzhen office chairs more lifelike. Office furniture life has become a leisure fashion.

The focus on humanization of office furniture has become the current trend of office furniture. The sales data of several professional office furniture shopping malls in Shenzhen show that the sales of modern minimalist office furniture ranks first, followed by traditional office furniture and European-style office furniture. This market structure is mainly related to the demographic structure that is dominated by young people. Shenzhen office and chair professionals believe that although traditional style office furniture is getting smaller and smaller in sales, it still has its fixed consumer groups, and there is still a large market space in the short term.

The traditional style of office furniture is still dominated by dark tones, and there are no significant changes in materials and styles, but there are still some subtle changes in size and details. The latest executive desks and writing desks are equipped with a leather desktop. This rather personal design brings an affinity to traditional office furniture.

Compared with traditional styles, modern office furniture can be described as ever-changing in the application of colors, styles and materials. From the color point of view, white, black, yellow, blue, red, almost all colors are available. Modern minimalist office furniture is known for its fashionable and avant-garde, smart and changeable styles, and fully takes into account the natural needs of young people. In terms of materials, glass and metal are popular, and are widely used in office coffee tables, office desks, screens and other products.

The use of glass and metal materials has three functions:

One is to increase the fashion of office furniture, making office furniture look more lifelike;

Second, it is more environmentally friendly than wooden office furniture;

Third, it can be recycled and reused better, which complies with the requirements of energy saving and emission reduction.

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