The home office’s earliest prototype was in the 18th century in Europe. At that time, the nobility’s library at home was equipped with office furniture as a special office to show that they were well educated. But it didn’t make it into middle-class homes.

From the 1990s, home offices became more common and popular. Until 2019, the pandemic has brought about dramatic changes in people’s work habits and environment,. And the integration of work and living spaces has forced people working from home to reconsider the function and design of their homes. Even some new words have been derived abroad, such as “Zoom room”, which is to create a home office space with a better video conference background.

According to a consumer survey, in the United States, nearly 39% of people aged 20-30 have purchased home office space and supplies during the epidemic. At the same time, investment is also increasing. Nearly 25% of millennials said they spent $500 to $999, and 7.5% spent $2,500 or more to renovate their home office.

Let’s talk about the 3 secrets in office furniture design for a home office.

01/Flexible and multi-functional office furniture design

As people suddenly transitioned to working and learning from home, the functions of every space in the home became mixed and blurred. In fact, the “home office” that most families really need is a space to work from home, not a reserved office.

Therefore, the dining area at home can be a family’s “dining room”, a child’s “classroom”, or an “office”, as long as your “matching” can be used as home decorative furniture and office furniture at the same time. Taking the design of a desk for home office as an example, it requires more comprehensive consideration of size, finish, desktop space distribution, drawer settings, etc.

When people buy home office furniture, they prefer desks and chairs with wheels, because flexible movement means more applicable scenarios; some manufacturers have also developed desks with multiple drawers, USB ports, and power supplies, which solve the problem for consumers. Many issues such as storage files, wire management, charging settings, etc., are well received by the market.

As a result, home office furniture has far more functional design than traditional office design—a collection that can be adapted to switch between multiple environments.

02/ Ergonomics “walk into” home office space

American ergonomic experts Benden and Martha Parker, Ph.D., tracked 40,000 employees in both offices and home offices for two years. The results of the study show that, generally speaking, home office productivity returns to office productivity after about 45 days, and will continue. What’s more, this time can be shortened by ergonomic office applications. Among them, the most typical ergonomic office application is the lifting desk.

In another  study, he compared the use of lift desks with traditional fixed desks for call center workers over a six-month period. It was found that employees who used desks were 45% more productive than those who were seated – and that productivity continued to increase significantly over time. This conclusion is undoubtedly good news for employees and employers looking to improve the efficiency of working from home.


03/Personalized Design Customized Requirements

Since 2020, large companies such as Google and Uber have announced that they will no longer require employees to return to the office to work. This is for people who need to continue working from home, they are no longer looking for a temporary, traditional office, but a comfortable work space that can express their personal style.

Different people have different needs, and personalization also means an increase in customized needs. For example, women prefer furniture designs that are small in size and stylish; while men prefer smart and functional furniture products. This is a new challenge for furniture companies to face.

Home office furniture, will it be a continuous and actively rising market? The answer in the industry is generally yes. Because consumers’ perceptions and perceptions of the value of home office space have fundamentally changed


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