Whether you are running your own company or working in a business, we believe that a conference table is an essential piece of office furniture in your work environment. In our workplace, the size of the conference table can be big or small. And you can choose different materials and sizes too. We will have a look at these aspects one by one.


What is the standard size of the conference table?

There are conference tables for less than five people, conference tables for about ten people,  and conference tables for twenty people, etc. Let’s talk about the size of these conference tables.

A conference table with less than five people: Generally, the size of the conference table with less than five people is similar to the size of the dining table. The size is generally 180cm*60cm or 130cm*40cm, and the diameter of the circle is generally about 1.2m.

Ten people Conference table: Generally, the size of the conference table for six to ten people is about 2.2*1.1m or 2.4*1.1m, and there are sizes like 2.4*1.2m, 1.8*0.9m, 2.0*1.0m, These dimensions can be 1.6*0.8m and so on.

Ten to twenty people conference table: the conference table for ten to twenty people is generally 3.8*1.2m, 4.0*1.2m, 4.2*1.4m and other sizes.  In fact, this kind of conference table is popular for many small and medium-sized enterprises.

Conference tables for more than 20 people: Generally, the conference table with more than 20 people is for some larger enterprises, and the price of this kind of conference table is also the most expensive. The size is generally 6000*2000*780mm, and 4800*1600*750mm is a relatively small size.

Of course, the above dimensions are not absolute, we can also customize the size of the conference table for these conferences with different numbers of people according to our own needs and the size of the conference room.


Which material is the best for the conference table?

The board conference table refers to the disassembly and assembly conference table with artificial board as the main base material and board as the basic structure. Common man-made boards are plywood, blockboard, particleboard, MDF, etc.

MDF (Plywood)

Plywood (plywood) is an common material to make conference tables that require bending; It is a median end conference table.

Particleboard (also known as particle board, bagasse board) is loose in material and is only  for low-end conference tables.


The most cost-effective and most commonly popular is medium density fiberboard (MDF). Common finishing materials for board conference tables are veneer (commonly known as veneer), wood grain paper (commonly known as stickers), PVC plywood, polyester lacquer (commonly known as baking paint), etc. The latter three finishes are typically used for mid-to-low-end conference tables, while natural veneer finishes are used for high-end products.

The board conference table is a conference table made of medium density fiberboard or particleboard with surface veneer and other processes. A large part of this kind of conference table is a wood grain simulation conference table. At present, the veneer of some panel conference tables on the market is becoming more and more realistic, with good gloss and feel, and the price of products with fine craftsmanship is also very expensive.

Solid Wood

The solid wood conference table refers to the pure solid wood conference table, which means that all the materials are natural materials.

How many types of solid wood conference table are there? One of them is the imitation solid wood conference table. The so-called imitation solid wood conference table is a solid wood conference table in appearance. The natural texture, feel and color of the wood are exactly the same as the solid wood conference table, but in fact it is a conference table mixed with solid wood and man-made panels, that is, the top, bottom, Particleboard or MDF fibreboard with veneer veneer for components such as shelves.

Doors and drawers are in solid wood. This process saves wood and reduces costs. And one is a pure solid wood conference table. That is to say, all the materials of the conference table are solid wood, including the table top, the door panel of the wardrobe, the side panel, etc. are using pure solid wood material, and no other forms of artificial panels.

The pure solid wood conference table has high requirements on craftsmanship and material. The requirements for material selection, drying, finger jointing and seaming of solid wood are very strict. If we don’t strictly control the process, cracks and loose joints will occur in small ones, and the whole set of conference tables will get loose and even unusable if large.


Which shape is the best for a conference table?

First of all, the size and appearance of the conference table need to base on the specific shape and size of the conference. Usually, in order to create a harmonious and equal communication environment, the conference table should be round or oval, which is more conducive to the progress of the meeting. At the same time, people can relax their minds and speak freely, which can well help thinking innovation and team spirit play.

If it is a formal meeting, it is necessary to use a rectangular meeting table. People with different positions and positions sit in different positions, so that the atmosphere of the meeting is difficult to be active, but it is more serious and formal. However, it is still necessary to prevent right-angled conference tables as much as possible, avoid possible shocks, and avoid accidental injuries to the body.


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