In modern society, the office is the most important place for most people besides home, and family life and work life constitute the mainstream form of this society. As a result, a cozy office environment is even more crucial.

So, how to choose the right office furniture according to the office design and color ?

1. Offices with poor lighting should use warm-colored office furniture

The human eyes are inherently sensitive to sunlight, and a sunny office can give people incomparable comfort, make people feel comfortable and energetic. Some offices have poor lighting, small windows or no windows. In this type of office, you  must not choose office furniture with cool colors, and warm colors such as orange red, brick red, and teak. Office furniture in shades will feel warm in a gloomy setting. Office furniture in warm colors can adjust the balance of light in the room, making people more comfortable and improving work efficiency.

2. the low office environment should choose light-colored office furniture

In terms of design, the low-rise office environment itself belongs to a traditional and outdated office style. Under the modern office concept, it is no longer popular for many companies. However, due to factors such as company size, financial budget, profitability and other factors, there are still a large number of low-rise offices still in use.

For this type of office, you must choose light tones when choosing office furniture. Because of the use of a low office, many people are crowded in a low and narrow environment, which will make people feel extremely depressed and dull, while the light-colored office furniture will adjust the sensory balance of the human body, giving people a sense of expansion , light green, fruit green, apple green, teak, etc. are all very popular light toned office furniture colors.

3. The designer’s office should use brightly colored office furniture

This is a principle that varies from person to person, and the nature of work determines the style and color matching of the office environment and office furniture. Cautious and rigorous occupations, such as scientists and researchers, should use simple and elegant colors for office furniture, while designers and planners must choose bright-colored office furniture to stimulate the brain and bring out more creative value.

4. Different office areas need to use different colors of office furniture

Although the corporate culture and main style of a company are consistent, in the entire office environment, the color of office furniture used in different areas needs to be clearly distinguished in order to better adjust the mood of the office staff. For example, between different areas such as offices, conference rooms, rest rooms, etc., it is necessary to distinguish the color of office furniture. The office should reflect concentration and dedication, the conference room should reflect democracy and thinking, and the rest room should use entertainment and relaxation. Color tones to choose office furniture.

The importance of the color of office furniture and the matching of the office environment has had a huge impact on our work and life. Under the emerging concepts of modern office and intelligent office, office integration is gradually becoming the mainstream trend. Choose an office suitable for the office environment. Furniture, creating an efficient, convenient and humanized office environment will be the primary demand of future enterprises.

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