Happy office environment can make people work happily, so we should pay special attention to the purchase of office furniture, so how should we buy office furniture? Today, I summarized ten office furniture purchasing skills, hoping to help you.

  1. Is the furniture material reasonable

Different office furniture, the surface material is different. For example, the legs of the office desk,  office chair and cabinet should be made of hardwood, which is relatively strong and can bear load, while the internal materials can be made of other materials; the thickness of the table is required to reach 2.5cm, which is clumsy if it is too thick, and it is easy to bend and deform if it is thin; the cabinet in the toilet can not be made of fiberboard, but should be made of moisture-proof board, because the fiberboard will expand and damage when it encounters water.

  1. The moisture content of wood shall not exceed 12

The moisture content of office furniture should not exceed 12%. If the moisture content is high, the wood is easy to warp and deform. When the general consumer purchases, does not have the test instrument, may take the hand to touch the furniture bottom surface or inside has not painted place, if feels the moisture, then the moisture content is at least above 50%, simply cannot use. Another way is to sprinkle a little water on the unpainted part of the wood. If the Yin is slow or not, it means that the moisture content is high.

  1. Is the furniture structure firm

Small pieces of furniture, such as chairs and so on, can be dragged on the cement floor and dropped gently. The office desk and office chairs sound is clear and crisp, indicating that the quality is good; if the voice is hoarse and there is a noise of splitting mile, it indicates that the tenon joint is not tight and the structure is not firm.

  1. Is the furniture flat

This point can be seen in a flash on the flat ground. Some furniture has only three legs. Take a look to see if the table top is straight. You can’t bow your back or collapse your waist. If the table top is convex, the glass plate will rotate; if the table top is concave, the glass plate will be broken when pressed. Pay attention to check the cabinet door, the slot of the drawer should not be too large, pay attention to horizontal and straight, and the door should not droop.

  1. Is the stitching of veneered furniture strict

Whether the veneer is pasted with wood veneer, PVC or pre painted paper, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the leather is pasted smoothly, whether there are bulges, blisters and loose seams.

When checking, we should look at the light, otherwise we can’t see it. The veneer furniture of Fraxinus mandshurica veneer is relatively damaged and can only be used for two years. In terms of wood veneer, planing veneer is better than rotary cutting veneer. The method to identify the two is to look at the pattern of wood. The veneer is straight and dense in texture, while the pattern of veneer is curved and sparse. Particleboard veneer furniture, the landing part must be edge sealed, not edge board will absorb moisture, swelling and damage. Generally, the corner of veneer furniture is easy to be warped up. When selecting, you can buckle the corner by hand. If you buckle it up, it indicates that there is a problem with glue.

  1. Is the edge of furniture smooth

If the edge is uneven, it means that the inner material is wet and the edge will fall off in a few days. Edge sealing should also be round corner, not straight edge and right angle. The edge sealed with wooden strips is easy to get damp or crack. For the furniture covered with plywood, nails are used to nail the strip. It is necessary to pay attention to whether the nail hole is flat and whether the color of the nail hole is consistent with other parts. Usually, the nail hole is sealed with putty. Pay attention to whether the putty bulges. If the putty is bulged, it will not work. The putty will fall out from inside slowly.

  1. The paint should be smooth

The paint part of furniture should be smooth and smooth, without saliva, wrinkle and pimple. The corner part cannot be straight edge and right angle, and the straight edge is easy to collapse slag and paint. Furniture door inside should also be a paint, not paint board easy to bend, and not beautiful.

  1. Is the installation of accessories reasonable

For example, check whether the door lock switch works well; the cabinet should be equipped with three hidden hinges, some of which can not be installed with two; three screws should be installed, some of which are shoddy and only one screw is used, and it will fall off.

  1. Take a seat on the sofa and soft bed

When choosing sofas and soft beds, you should pay attention to the smoothness of the surface, but not the uneven surface; the soft and hard should be uniform, but not one piece of hard, that piece of soft; the soft hardness should be moderate, neither too hard nor too soft.

The selection method is to sit and press by hand. If the spring layout is unreasonable, the spring will make a sound if it bites the spring. Secondly, we should also pay attention to whether the quilting has broken thread and jumper, and whether the density of the corner teeth is reasonable.

  1. Color should be coordinated with interior decoration

Although the white furniture is beautiful, it is easy to turn yellow after a long time, and the black furniture is easy to get gray. Don’t try to be beautiful at that time. In the end, it will be white and black. Generally speaking, imitation mahogany color furniture is not easy to change color.

The above ten office furniture purchasing skills include all aspects. If there are any details that you can’t pay attention to, I hope you will also pay attention to it!

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