The choice of public furniture is an important part of office decoration work. Choosing a suitable office furniture will add a lot of points for your office decoration work. Today, I’d like to talk with you about some things about office furniture purchase during office decoration, hoping to be helpful to your office decoration work.

How to choose these office furniture in the office

  1. How to choose the desk and chair in charge

In the office decoration, the selection of the desk in charge can adhere to the principle of exquisite and practical, simple shape, beautiful and generous, so it is more modern and modern, especially some young managers need to incline to this style. In terms of material, the modern office desk is generally suitable for composite materials, such as density board, aluminum alloy and solid wood. The chair in charge should be broad and heavy, which can be made of wood or metal, with elegant and dignified style.

  1. How to choose the staff table and chair

The selection of staff table should be conducive to creating a peaceful office atmosphere. For example, wooden staff table is a good choice, which can make the staff have a moderate sense of relaxation when working. In addition, the office desks and chairs made of metal materials are conducive to the staff’s spiritual stimulation and improve the office efficiency, but it is easy to lead to employees’ fatigue after a long time. The choice of the staff chair should be simple in shape, with a little lower back, which is more conducive to the efficient work of employees. Therefore, office decoration to consider a variety of factors, choose a suitable and appropriate staff desk and chair.

  1. How to choose a meeting table

The main material of the conference table should be made of solid wood, which can make the atmosphere of the meeting more harmonious and promote the participants to express their opinions at the meeting. In the selection of wooden conference table, to ensure that the moisture content of wood is below 12%, so as not easy to crack, deformation. The latex paint and paint used on the surface of the conference table should meet the requirements of green, health and environmental protection. Otherwise, it may cause harm to people’s health and damage the conference atmosphere.

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