In modern society, almost everyone needs to work in the office, and the office has naturally become the second place where people live the longest time apart from home. Office furniture is “intimate” with people every day. The selection and placement of office furniture also have feng shui. The feng shui of office furniture will not only affect people’s workplace life, but also affect people’s health. So, what should we pay attention to in the feng shui of office furniture? The following are some small tips.



  1. There is support behind the back, and there is support for promotion

The first place to place a desk is to have a wall on the rear. If there is an aisle at the back, the seat will be more unstable and uneasy. Behind your back it can be a wall, or it can be equipped with a table or a low cabinet.

  1. The front is open and the future is boundless

The front of the desk should be wide and not narrow. If you are facing a wall, your future will be blocked by a wall, and your luck will not be able to unfold.


  1. There is no aisle on the front side, and there is no obstacle to promotion


The front and side of the desk should not be the aisle, because it will means strong air current like a road rushing to you. Just like the road rushing outdoors, such indoor road rushing will also have bad effects.


4. the front is not the column, and you won’t make mistakes at work.


If there are pillars on the front of the seat, as if being beaten in the head, you are bound to make a big mistake in career, and it is easy to have headaches.


  1. Too close to the door


Sitting by the door is less efficient. In the office, the higher the position, the farther away from the door. To the staff it is also the same, according to the level of position, you can make some considerable configuration.


  1. When you seat directly face doors and roads, it is advisable to set up screens and low cabinets


The desk directly facing to the door or the road will affects the health and the staff is prone to accidental disasters. There are great obstacles to work and promotion.


7, Avoid the top pressure beam  right above you head

If the desk is just under the beam, special attention should be paid. It means that you will get easily disturbed, dizzy and make mistakes. If you press your head, you need to move the table forward to avoid it.


8, the seat is cut corners

Seats must not be cut by asymmetrical aisles and seats. If you sit in this place to work, it will be less smooth. There will be friction and misunderstanding in the relationship between colleagues.


9. The boss’s desk should be bigger than the employee’s

Generally, the boss’s desk is larger than the employee’s, so it is correct. If it is not big enough, put a few cabinets next to it to increase the momentum. In this way, the staff can work well  smoothly.

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