At present, there are many types of office furniture on the market. And usually we can divide them into: office desks and chairs, filing cabinets, reception desks, screens and conference tables. According to its  materials, we can divide them into: solid wood furniture, panel furniture, leather furniture, fabric furniture, steel furniture, and mixed wood furniture, etc.

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  1. Solid wood office furniture


The main body is made of wood, with only a small amount of auxiliary materials such as plywood. Solid wood furniture is generally a tenon structure. Now the solid wood furniture on the market has two category.  One is pure solid wood furniture, and all the materials used in the furniture are solid wood. This kind of furniture is very artistic and has high collection value.


The other one is imitation solid wood furniture. The wood texture, feel and tone are exactly the same as solid wood furniture in appearance.But office furniture is actually a mixture of solid wood and wood-based panels, and its value is far different from pure solid wood furniture. Of course, solid wood furniture also has disadvantages. For example, solid wood has a certain moisture content. If the outside temperature, humidity, environment, etc. change, the moisture content will also change accordingly, resulting in the deformation of furniture.


2, leather office furniture


The outer skin wraps the natural animal skin. The most common types of leather furniture on the market today are sofas and chairs, giving a feeling of style, generosity and luxury. Genuine leather has the characteristics of softness, strength, abrasion resistance and sweat absorption, making it an easy-to-maintain furniture material. However, due to the different handling of leather, different parts, and office furniture, leather products may have different touches, which can be as light and soft as fibers, or thick and hard, so that office furniture can see that leather is a very Soft material.


  1. Steel office furniture


This kind of furniture uses steel material. Steel furniture are often sturdy and durable. Also they are easy to load and unload. Office furniture can meet the needs of users in all aspects.


4, Panel office furniture

This kind of furniture uses wood-based panels, plywood, particleboard, veneer and MDF, and there are also some solid wood products. Due to the lack of wood resources in my country, flat furniture is the mainstream of furniture in the market today, and most office furniture is dismantling facilities. There are three main types of panel furniture: wood paper adhesive, solid wood adhesive and spray paint. With its realistic wood effect, good environmental performance and unique floral composition process, it is more and more popular with consumers. There are two kinds of veneer: one is natural veneer.


The other is artificial veneer. However, in recent years, due to the advancement of spraying technology, the use of coatings instead of adhesives has become a new highlight of flat office furniture. If the craftsmanship is properly managed, each piece of furniture will have the same shallowness and solid wood texture, which will become the new trend of furniture in the future.


5, Fabric office furniture

Fabric furniture refers to furniture using wool, linen, cotton, chemical fiber and other fabrics. And these furniture is fashionable and simple. Also they are  elegant in shape and rich in color. So they are becoming more and more popular

  1. Mixed material office furniture


Mixed material office furniture refers to office furniture made of mixed materials such as metal, plastic, glass, stone, rattan, bamboo, and wood.

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