In the era of data, the production methods, marketing systems, and profit models of enterprises are undergoing major adjustments, and corporate culture also shows new characteristics or trends. As an important part of carrying office space, office furniture is a favorable medium for conveying corporate culture. Therefore, in order to better embrace the upgrading and changes of corporate culture, it is more necessary for enterprises to purchase office furniture with a vision of advancing with the times.

Trend 1: Environmentally friendly office furniture.

The background of the times, as the soil for cultural growth, has a decisive role in the orientation of cultural values. Inspired by the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the promotion of the global economy, the cultural elements of many companies closely echo the common values ​​of mankind. Therefore, green development, control Key words such as carbon emissions and ecological construction have been put on the charter of corporate culture. Obviously, green and environmentally friendly office furniture is more in line with the trend of the times, which can create a healthier office space, reflect the care for employees, help externally to develop a sustainable economy, and use office furniture to reflect corporate social responsibility.

Trend 2: Smart office furniture conforms to the mainstream.


With the development of society and the continuous iterative progress of technology, enterprises have embarked on a quality transformation, and have created an efficient corporate culture by establishing a process-based, standardized and systematic management model. For example, a desk that you can adjust the height with one button is good to use for both work and standing, which is convenient for employees to switch office modes at any time; an infrared-heated sofa helps employees improve their happiness during rest; shared office furniture with a built-in reservation system achieves the function of agile office.


Trend 3: Socialized Office Furniture Embrace talents.

From consumers to the inside of enterprises, in the face of the new and new generation of young people, brand rejuvenation has become a common topic in supermarkets. At the same time, corporate culture also needs more content with a sense of resonance. Socialized office furniture is a right-hand man that can break boundaries. Modularly designed office furniture can meet rich office scenarios such as social interaction, office work, and discussion. Its shape and color matching are inspired by nature, which is very suitable for contemporary young people who yearn for informal office. , so that every place is a flexible office space.

Trend 4: Customized office furniture to match individuality.


On the one hand, the company takes a more open attitude, and the Greek world culture is like the goal of a globalized company to move forward. On the other hand, as the company grows, its own personality genes are gradually revealed.


At this time, it may be that the more popular office furniture on the market cannot meet the cultivation and display of corporate culture, so it is recommended to customize office furniture. You can start with color to convey the overall atmosphere of the enterprise, and you can also consider the color and use of office furniture. Create a unique environment, or implant a graphic into the design of office furniture, making them a ubiquitous business card.

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