In the digital age, the management methods of most enterprises are transforming to informatization and intelligence, but in 2022, what enterprises need more is efficient office space. So, in terms of office furniture procurement, how should companies customize office furniture? We suggest that dynamic design can connect into the customization of office furniture to help employees and teams to maximize the “movement”. Today we will take a look at how to incorporate dynamic design into office furniture customization.


  1. Free and flexible office space.

Tight schedules, mixed office models… The future of the office should be able to change according to needs, so that employees can meet the needs of different work environments. Therefore, we recommend that when customizing office furniture, enterprises can customize some more agile office furniture and set up multiple flexible workstations for the enterprise.

  1. The meeting space for unimpeded communication.

Under the current development of globalization and digitization, the new conference room can not only meet the communication requirements of the people present, but also allow remote workers to participate. The office space with unobstructed communication has become a space that everyone expects. Office furniture customization requires the integration of intelligent technology.

For example: in the customization of office furniture, a candidate’s optical system, sound insulation equipment, etc. have created a meeting space with better radio and imaging effects. Even remote meetings can be communicated smoothly, and wireless charging desks can be customized to help employees intelligently The equipment is powered off 24 hours a day, etc. These technologically tailored office furniture can bring a better experience for remote cooperation..

  1. Inspiring public spaces.

A team of people who can adapt quickly and operate efficiently needs a work environment that inspires work, enthusiasm and endless inspiration. Public space is an occasion for employees and visitors to exchange emotions, and it may also be a space for brainstorming with other colleagues. Therefore, if you customize office furniture for public spaces, we recommend to try some movable whiteboards, agile coffee tables, and private work stations. Following such an office furniture customization idea, the office furniture system has become a unique landscape in the office, and it can also give employees enough space for imagination.

In short, from the above three ideas, we can see  that in the future in 2022, the customization of office furniture will be more humanized.


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