The relationship between color and mood is very close, red can make people excited, blue can make people calm, depressed people are easy to generate passion from red, and feel more depressed and lonely in blue. Therefore, do not underestimate the color matching of the office. Color affects the mood, which in turn affects work efficiency.

For example, the color used in the office of a unit should not only be consistent as a whole, but also consider the difference in local color to distinguish the different levels of employees. So how to choose the color of the office chair?

Office furniture generally comes in 6 shades: black, gray, white, brown, dark red and plain blue. Usually, we use gray for staff desks, and we will use black and brown  for executive office desks, boss chairs and tables and chairs in reception rooms, and plain blue and dark red are mostly used for office seats.

Each color has its own language

And it sends certain psychological messages to your colleagues and clients. For example: black gives people a sense of loneliness, but at the same time there is a kind of nobility and solemnity; brown makes people feel old-fashioned, but different concentrations of brown not only do not have the dullness of old age, but also produce a bit of elegance; big red and pink are too flamboyant, If you use it to match with quiet cool colors, it can show youthful and lively; if the white earthy yellow is too pure, if you hold hands with happy warm colors, it is easy to reveal your own elegance.

Going a step further, lavender with sky blue gives people a quiet feeling, magenta with sapphire blue makes you feel bright, sauce purple with moon white looks elegant, pink with white conveys youthful atmosphere, dark brown with light yellow can make you look more mature, light gray It looks solemn when paired with ink black; vermilion and black can attract the attention of the other party, dark green and earthy yellow are more natural, sea blue and light blue make people feel at ease, as for bright yellow and ink black, they can give people jumping beauty.

Solid color theme

Desks and chairs made of solid colors, different colors give people different feelings, with the corresponding accessories will make the whole feeling more vivid, suitable for theme restaurants or coffee shops, bars and so on.

Glass modeling: Glass is a transparent material. In addition, by adding different substances, it will show different transparency and color, giving people a fashionable atmosphere or rock style. Jewelry stores, bars, etc. can use glass material according to their own stores. The style chooses glass tables and chairs in different colors. The color theme of nature, the color of nature will give people a feeling of moving towards nature.

In addition to the color similar to nature, the material selection is also environmentally friendly, which emphasizes the visual sense of reality. , recently, whether it is clothes or office chairs, there are more or less small floral styles, giving people a idyllic and fresh feeling, so natural tables and chairs are more suitable for highlighting that the products are natural cosmetics, food, etc. land.

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