Correct feng shui can bring wealth to a company. The placement of office furniture in the company is crucial. Let’s take a look at a few important tips.


The most important thing about the placement of office furniture is to place the furniture on both sides, leaving enough space in the middle to welcome wealth. The most important leader must have a seat with  the wall at the back, so that the backer can “keep the money”. The window should be kept transparent, so that the sunlight is adequate every day, which makes people feel happy. In addition, the furniture as a whole should face the door of the office, so that people can stay awake at any time.


The desk in the office should not be facing the door, because the door is a place for wealth. If the desks are opposite to the door, it is easy to rush, so try to avoid facing the door when placing it. In addition, if the location of the office is right at the front door, you can put two tall potted plants at the door, which can block some noise, so that the people in the office will better focus on their work, and it can also effectively block the sight.


The color choice of the office is also very important, and try to use bright colors. Because the office is the place to work, bright colors will look more spacious and make people feel at ease. Do not hang mirrors in the office, it is easy to make people uneasy and to affect work efficiency. Moreover, if there is a mirror at the entrance of the office, it will make the office unstable and affect the fortune.


And in the cold winter, you must learn to keep out the cold, and the placement of furniture can also help you block the cold. Chinese people pay attention to the balance of yin and yang, so in the selection of furniture, we should also pay attention to the harmony of yin and yang. For example, a desk is a yang thing, and a cabinet where you arrange books is a still life, a yin thing. The two should be together. You should place the desk on the left side of the office, which will bring more warmth in winter, and the bookcase should be  in a cool place to “suppress the evil spirit of the room”.


We should know that the location of the core leader in the office and the placement of furniture are most important in Feng Shui. His placement and office environment are some aspects that need to be seriously considered. In terms of orientation, it should be placed in the upper position, where the fortune is the most abundant, and it is also conducive to the ability of the core characters, which can complement each other and add to the work and vision. His position should be placed in the position of harmony and wealth, so that both the boss and the employee can win a win-win situation.



However, how to choose the position of harmony and wealth, we must also choose a favorable position for the core people in the office according to the principle of Jiugong Feixing. If the direction of the office building is from the north to the south, then the position of the north and southwest is the best position for harmony to make money; if the office building is to sit in the east and west, then the east or the northwest is the best position for harmony to make money; if it is Sitting south facing north, then due south or northeast wind is the best orientation.


Anyway, the placement of furniture should be based on the principles of Feng Shui, and it should be centered on the core characters of the office. In terms of the placement and pattern of furniture, certain principles should also be followed. This arrangement is conducive to a win-win situation for employees and bosses, and can also bring better fortune in future career development.


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