Minimalist design has become more and more popular in recent years. It is still the epidemic that has catalyzed the public’s demand for returning to simplicity. Second, the younger generation who seeks individuality has become the main force in the workplace. Therefore, the simple and innovative industrial style has also become the new favorite of the office space. So how should this industrial-style office space, which is a little cold in the traditional impression, match the appropriate office furniture?

01 For office furniture, choose wood and metal combination.

At present, most companies favor industrial spaces and warehouses as viable options for the Go office. Exposed pipes, MSG-decorated walls or casual graffiti all create an original ecological vision. In the selection of office furniture, the office furniture that combines wood and metal is mostly popular. The three distinct textures of soil, wood and metal complement each other in creating an original ecological beauty. At the same time, pure log office furniture can also be choice, especially in the relatively simple corners , you will find that the office furniture can also make the  industrial style become natural and friendly.

02 Office furniture colors, choose neutral colors

The industrial style office space emphasizes the original appearance and the sense of space freedom, so that the beauty with the original power can flow freely in the office space, so it is more suitable to choose a neutral color palette for office furniture. Especially if the walls are not on the futures, using CITIC colors such as white or gray is more comfortable by choosing neutral and warm office furniture. Of course, bright-colored office furniture can also be added depending on the on-site space conditions, especially as the embellishment of some closed spaces, which can add a sense of agility to the visual effect in the contrasting color design and make the office space more comfortable.

03 Office furniture design, give priority to modularization.

Considering that the industrial style office space is mostly the decoration style that young office groups will choose, in order to match the casual atmosphere of the space, the modular design of office furniture is a very good notion. Because modular office furniture can fit with each other flexibly , office functions such as reading, living, dining, and rest can be accommodated, perfectly adapting to diversified scene modes, and can also meet the continuous reorganization of the team as the task changes. For some start-up companies, modular office furniture does not have to worry about being limited by small spaces, which not only saves costs for business operations, but also stimulates the inspiration and creativity of office workers.

04 The shape of office furniture is more home-like.

A lot of open space is a common pattern of industrial style, which is ideal for him to become a writing area and a lounge area in an office space. Therefore, it is very important to choose some comfortable home painting office furniture, such as baggy sofas, stress relief seats or bamboo and rattan cushions that can sit on the floor. In addition, as mute, noise-reducing office furniture, it is also very suitable for the office needs of modern office workers.


To sum up, the reason why the industrial-style office space can express a casual, natural and unconstrained attitude is that it can absorb various inspirations in design, so it is office furniture or office space, and it is not too rigid or rigid. Rigidly follow the standard, you can boldly use office furniture to package or customize it.

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