What kinds of office furniture include?

  1. Reception area. Configuration generally includes reception desk, chair, display cabinet, sofa, tea table, etc.
  2. Negotiation area. Configuration generally includes negotiation table and chair (round table is the majority), small conference table and chair, file cabinet, etc.
  3. Staff office area. Configuration generally includes staff table, activity cabinet, low cabinet, filing cabinet, flower trough cabinet, partition cabinet, desk sofa, lunch break folding bed, etc.
  4. Leadership office. Configuration generally includes desk, chair, filing cabinet, chair, sofa, tea table, small conference table and chair.
  5. Leisure area. Configuration generally includes bar chair, leisure sofa, round table chair, card seat, tea table, tea cabinet, etc.
  6. Conference room. Configuration generally includes conference tables and chairs, document display cabinet, tea cabinet, etc.
  7. Training room. Configuration generally includes training table (table) chair, folding chair with writing board, speech table, display cabinet, etc.
  8. Partition. Cabinet partition, aluminum alloy shutter partition, etc.

There will be some similar balcony leisure furniture, ladder furniture, cinema furniture and so on. In a word , office furniture it includes office desk, office chair.

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