Nowadays, more and more meetings can have a lot of atmosphere according to their nature. Many meetings are also very important for the selection of Conference Tables. In the long run, we should consider how to choose a good conference table. Conference table is also an indispensable part of office furniture.

Positioning of conference table

Positioning is based on the size, image and qualification of the company. If the company is a large company with good qualifications, then the positioning of the company’s conference table is high-end conference table. If the company is small in scale and does not have a certain scale and qualification in the early stage of development, we can appropriately choose the low-end conference table. If it is a studio, demote it as appropriate.

Material of conference table

After the position of the conference table is determined, the materials of the conference table can be selected. Conference table materials have network general specifications: solid wood conference table, artificial board conference table, density board conference table, steel conference table. According to the surface material can be divided into: paint conference table, board conference table and steel conference table. The high-end conference table is generally solid wood conference table and paint conference table, the low-end conference table is generally density board, artificial board conference table and board conference table, and the low-end conference table is steel conference table.

Size of conference table

Determine the size of the conference table according to the size data of the conference room. For example, the conference room can be large in size. If the conference room is very small, of course, you can choose a smaller conference table to make rational use of the space of the conference room. Try to put the conference table in the middle of the conference room to have a look at the more logical and atmosphere.


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